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[Special Promotion Twin Pack] 2 DSwiss BioSpec (Sunglasses)

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DSwiss BioSpec


  • Reduce dry eyes, eyes astringent, soreness and visual fatigue symptoms
  • Increase oxygen levels in the blood and cells of the eye to reduce myopia, presbyopia, dry eyes, glaucoma, and various eye diseases
  • Effective prevention against screen radiation and short blue light
  • Isolated 99% of UV and other harmful light waves
  • Reduce fine lines and dark circles

7 main features of the Lens and Frame.


  • Anion - Called "Air Vitamin", Increase oxygen content in blood, Help blood oxygen delivery, absorption & utilization, to have normal blood pressure, Elimination of static electricity
  • Far Infra Ray - Promote blood circulation, Improve metabolism, Activate cells
  • Germanium - Anti cancer, aging, antioxidant
  • Nano Silver - Kill 650 types of bacteria, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammation


  • UV 400 Filter - Block out UVA & UVB with the wave length shorter than 400 nanometer, 99.9% protection against UVA & UVB
  • Anti Blue-Ray - Yellow based filter, Keep out of harmful blue light & prevent it to teach your eyes, Increase the contrast of lenses
  • For Infra Ray - Promote blood circulation, Improve metabolism, Activate cells

Wear 8 hours a day, you may gave the eye-care effects!!

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