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DSwiss Industrial Disinfectant 10L

RM 330.00


  1. Effective against bacteria and virus 
  2. User- friendly 
  3. Biodegradable 
  4. Suitable to spray in the air or on fabrics 
  5. Multiple scenario applications such as food service, factories, offices, healthcare and educational facilities 

DSwiss Industrial Disinfectant

Our industrial disinfectant is specially formulated to effectively kill bacteria, germs, fungus and virus. Thus, it has wide range of applications through mist gate, fogging machine and spray gun. 

  • 100% Alcohol-Free
  • 99.99% Disinfection Effectiveness Against Bacteria, Germs, Fungi and Moulds 
  • Safe and non-toxic ingredients 
  • Ingredients and Technology from U.S.
  • Gentle and non-irritating to our skin

Direction of Use: 

Fill it into mist spray headed bottle. Hold the bottle upright and spray across the room or area in a sweeping motion.