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[New Slimming Combo] DSwiss Coffee + DSwiss Peppermint Gel

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Peppermint Slimming Gel
Menthol is an organic compound obtained from peppermint oil. It acts as a local anesthetic giving a soothing sensation to our skin. It is an anti-pruritic and has counter-irritant properties help to reduce itchiness.

DSwiss Coffee
D'Swiss Coffee is a new coffee formula rich in antioxidants with highly-soluble fiber from Switzerland. It wakes your mind and cleanses your digestive tract to prevent constipation at the same time.
This premium coffee contains five 100% natural plant extracts to improve your digestive health.

Benefits of DSwiss Coffee
1. Burns Fat: Converts the extra calories from your body fat into energy
2. Increases Satiety: Controls appetite to overcome cravings
3. Digestive Cleansing: Eliminate toxins from the body
4. Reduces weight/ waist circumference
5. Alleviates constipation
6. Natural and Safe: Lose weight in a natural and healthy way

Benefits of DSwiss peppermint slimming gel
1. Soothes skin
2. Activates cell circulation and firms skin
3. Enhances quick and easy absorption
4. Visibly diminishes the appearance of cellulite
5. Anti-inflammatory properties to reduce acne and rashes
6. Reduces scars & stretch mark
7. Reducing fats

Direction for use:
DSwiss Peppermint Gel
Apply a small amount on desired area, gently massage in circular motion. Rinse off thoroughly with water. Or use it as body scrub while bathing.

DSwiss Coffee
·  Take one sachet of DSwiss Coffee daily before/ after breakfast
.  Mix the contents of one sachet with 150ml warm water, stir well and serve.