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DSwiss BioSpec (Kids)

RM 288.00

DSwiss BioSpec


               1. Reduce dry eyes, eyes astringent, soreness and visual fatigue symptoms

               2. Increase oxygen levels in the blood and cells of the eye to reduce myopia, presbyopia, dry eyes, glaucoma, and various eye diseases

               3. Effective prevention against screen radiation and short blue light

               4. Isolated 99% of UV and other harmful light waves

               5. Reduce fine lines and dark circles

7 main features of the Lens and Frame.


  • Anion - Called "Air Vitamin", Increase oxygen content in blood, Help blood oxygen delivery, absorption & utilization, to have normal blood pressure, Elimination of static electricity
  • Far Infra Ray - Promote blood circulation, Improve metabolism, Activate cells
  • Germanium - Anti cancer, aging, antioxidant
  • Nano Silver - Kill 650 types of bacteria, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammation


  • UV 400 Filter - Block out UVA & UVB with the wave length shorter than 400 nanometer, 99.9% protection against UVA & UVB
  • Anti Blue- Ray - Yellow based filter, Keep out of harmful blue light & prevent it to teach your eyes, Increase the contrast of lenses
  • For Infra Ray - Promote blood circulation, Improve metabolism, Activate cells

Wear 8 hours a day, you may gave the eye-care effects!!!